Over The Sea To Skye


Folk Songs from Around the World

Thomas Beveridge, Conductor


John Shirley-Quirk, Baritone
Edward Newman, Piano




Track List

  1. Counting the Goats; arr. C. Roberts
  2. Men of Harlech; arr. A.T. Davison
  3. The Monks’ March; arr. A.T. Davison
  4. Y Deryn Pur; arr. T. Beveridge
  5. Ar Hyd y Nos; arr. T. Beveridge SCOTTISH
  6. Skye Boat Song; arr. J.W. Jenkins
  7. Loch Lomond; arr. R. Vaughan Williams ENGLISH
  8. What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor?; arr. A. Parker & R. Shaw
  9. We Be Soldiers Three; arr. M. Bartholomew
  10. The Turtle Dove; arr. R. Vaughan Williams IRISH
  11. Danny Boy; arr. T. Beveridge CZECH
  12. Aj Lúcka, Lúcka Siroka; arr. M. Bartholomew RUSSIAN
  13. Arise Fair Sun; arr. M. Mussorgsky
  14. At the Gate, My Father’s Gate; arr. M. Mussorgsky
  15. Song of the Volga Boatmen; arr. T. Beveridge GERMAN
  16. German Student Song Medley; arr. J.W. Jenkins FRENCH
  17. Au Clair de la Lune; arr. J.W. Jenkins AMERICAN
  18. Simple Gifts; adapted by A. Copland
  19. Shenandoah; arr. M. Bartholomew
  20. Casey Jones; arr. E.B. Lawton
  21. Seeing Nellie Home; arr. A. Parker & R. Shaw
  22. Vive l’Amour; arr. A. Parker & R. Shaw ITALIAN
  23. Canto di Caccia; arr. A.T. Davison