There are several ways to join Washington Men’s Camerata:

1. Audition!

If you’d like to audition for the Washington Men’s Camerata, simply send an email by clicking here. Each season, rehearsals start just after Labor Day and run through mid-June. We rehearse on Wednesday nights, from 7:30 -10:00 p.m., with an occasional Friday night dress rehearsal and Sunday afternoon brush up rehearsal. We’re always happy to welcome new members!

2. Become a Sponsor!

Washington Men’s Camerata was founded by its members in 1984 to perform, promote and preserve the rich legacy of men’s choral music. To make this possible Washington Men’s Camerata has been blessed with many resources that help cover the expenses required to operate. Sponsorship of this organization starts with the volunteer singers willing to donate time and resources into producing, performing, and promoting the richness of men’s choral music. Sponsorship continues through patrons by simply attending concerts (Thank you!). Sponsorship further continues by donations (time and monetary gifts), grants, and corporate level interaction. It is important to the Washington Men’s Camerata that we as a whole continue to work together to find the resources necessary to Preserve the richness not only in performance but by the capabilities of archiving men’s choral music in our ever growing library (Demetrius Project). Donations can be made above by adding a donation into the shopping cart along with CD or Ticket purchases. Sponsorships of producing the men’s choral music and of the Demetrius Project can be made by (clicking here). If sponsoring the production or the Demetrius Project, please indicate in the notations of your sponsorship intentions.

3. Join our Facebook Fan Club! (click here)

Please join our Face book Fan Club! Our Face book Fan Club page includes all of the information you will need to know to keep up with our concert schedule! You can share pictures and post to discussions, see other pictures or posts, head your own discussion, make friends with other patrons and fans or simply receive a Face book invite to our concert once the new concert schedule is updated.