Attend Every Rehearsal. This includes being on time and staying for the entire rehearsal. Please plan to arrive in plenty of time to find a place to park, and to pick up any new music, before the rehearsal starts. Call or email your section coordinator ahead of time if you will be absent or late. (Please be sure to have his number readily available, especially at work.) If you are unable to contact your section coordinator call the office (and leave a message if calling after hours). Find out from your section coordinator, or others in your section, what went on in your absence, and get any markings and “home-work assignments” you missed. (Concept: The need to attend rehearsal is not based on whether you “know” your own part. You should learn your part outside of rehearsal. Rehearsals allow the group as a whole to polish the music and practice tuning, blending, dynamics and phrasing as a group (i.e. with you in the mix!). If you are absent or late, or leave early, we are less able to do so.) Note: Work conflicts may arise from time to time, but if you miss more than two rehearsals in preparation for a given concert you may be asked to sit out the performance. If you consistently fail to notify your section coordinator of absences you may be asked to leave the Camerata altogether.

Section coordinators: Tenor 1: Pat Revord; Tenor 2: Paul Seligman; Baritone: Keith Davis; Bass – Jeff Sich