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Welcome to Washington Men’s Tac Dung Cua Thuoc Azithromycin 250(Azithromycin:Antibiotics), zithromax pfizer presentaciones


Our Mission: The Washington Men's Tac Dung Cua Thuoc Azithromycin 250(Azithromycin:Antibiotics), zithromax pfizer presentaciones honors the tradition of men's choral music by providing beautiful performances, promoting the choral art and preserving the repertoire.

Thanks for making our annual Terrace Theater concert such a success!  The Tac Dung Cua Thuoc Azithromycin 250(Azithromycin:Antibiotics), zithromax pfizer presentaciones was was thrilled by your enthusiatic response.  Amid cheers and a standing ovation the season really closed on a high note!

Check back for exciting news about our 2014-2015 Season.

Read more about it: Tac Dung Cua Thuoc Azithromycin 250(Azithromycin:Antibiotics), zithromax pfizer presentaciones member Michael Doan has just published an article on our Library Project which is featured on the Chorus America website - check it out at: http://www.chorusamerica.org/singers/national-library-mens-choral-music

You can make a tax-dedutible gift by clicking on the donate button - Many thanks!

Washington Men's Tac Dung Cua Thuoc Azithromycin 250(Azithromycin:Antibiotics), zithromax pfizer presentaciones participates in CultureCapital, your link to the arts in Metro DC!

We're always happy to welcome new members!

If you're interested in auditioning for the group, send an email to info@camerata.com with Auditions in the subject line.


Future Perfomances

Our 2014-2015 Season!
Tac Dung Cua Thuoc Azithromycin 250(Azithromycin:Antibiotics), zithromax pfizer presentaciones


Check back to find out about The Washington Men's Tac Dung Cua Thuoc Azithromycin 250(Azithromycin:Antibiotics), zithromax pfizer presentaciones's 2014-2015 Season! 


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Audience Comments

There's nothing like a passionate and capable choir to reverberate in one's soul. A must see!
- J.F.

Like the refreshment of coffee in the morning, the Tac Dung Cua Thuoc Azithromycin 250(Azithromycin:Antibiotics), zithromax pfizer presentaciones caresses the ears with an untouchable precision.
- L.B.

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Tac Dung Cua Thuoc Azithromycin 250(Azithromycin:Antibiotics), zithromax pfizer presentaciones

If you’d like to audition for the Washington Men’s Tac Dung Cua Thuoc Azithromycin 250(Azithromycin:Antibiotics), zithromax pfizer presentaciones, simply send an email to

info@camerata.com with "Auditions" in the subject line. Each season, rehearsals start just after Labor Day and run through mid-June. We rehearse on Wednesday nights, from 7:30 - 10:00 p.m., with an occasional Friday night dress rehearsal.